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Rules (Iss. 3, Fall 2019)
Being Read (Iss. 2, Fall 2018)
The Art of Failure (Iss. 1, Spring 2018)

Publishing interdisciplinary compendia. ON Journal is edited by Gabrielle Welsh and published by Shelf Shelf. For all inquiries, please contact info@gabriellewelsh.co.

The Art of Failure
(Iss. 1, Spring 2018)

In The Queer Art of Failure, Halberstam describes failure as being against the heteronormative measure of success; he suggests the queer body harnesses or holds failure in its being. Failure is productive yet against production. Harnessing a failure isn't a clear and simple deceit, but it does suggest a secretive knowing. This is where ON / The Art of Failure came into conception, as an idea and as a publication.

For this first edition of ON, Chicago editor and publisher Gabrielle Welsh explores how the ways of harnessing or re-purposing a range of failures—shitty experiences, art pieces that got terrible critique, works of theory that took five or more times to read through, or living outside the normative—are unique and personal to different people.

Gabrielle Welsh
Ola Wilk-Branas
Max Hart
Caroline Cash
Tyler Kensek
Hannah Cusimano
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