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Rules (Iss. 3, Fall 2019)
Being Read (Iss. 2, Fall 2018)
The Art of Failure (Iss. 1, Spring 2018)

Publishing interdisciplinary compendia. ON Journal is edited by Gabrielle Welsh and published by Shelf Shelf. For all inquiries, please contact info@gabriellewelsh.co.

On Wednesday, November 13th, ON Journal and Shelf Shelf will host ON / Rules at LVL3 Gallery in Chicago. Readers include Daniel Brookman, Susana Cardenas-Soto, Jeff Eaton, Matt Joynt, Joshua Plekkenpol, Josh Rios, and Gabrielle Welsh.

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Rules (Iss. 3, Fall 2019)

“This is a book about abstractions (rules) and following them and breaking them and writing about them and visualizing them and grinding them to dust. It is about consequences and the lack of them and who exactly is privy to them.”

The third issue of ON Journal takes the “rule” as its critical through-line, offering an interdisciplinary array of works by contemporary artists and writers.

Gabrielle Welsh
Joshua Plekkenpol
Maria Gaspar
Johanna Hedva, Gabrielle Welsh
Sendra Uebele
Paul Tmutarakan
Ali Tomek
James Massiah
Susana Cardenas-Soto
Chloe Munkenbeck
Tong Wang
Josh Rios, Matt Joynt
Guanyu Xu
Jeff Eaton
Faysal Altunbozar
Zachary Hutchinzon, Max Hart
Daniel Brookman
Wendy Trevino
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