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ss-001: Disruptor Issue Five



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Disruptor Issue Five Disruptor Issue Five Disruptor Issue Five Disruptor Issue Five

Disruptor is a biannual zine publication invested in the exploration of punk, hardcore, noise, and other subcultural sonic communities. Through photographic documentation of performers, audiences, spaces, and moments, Disruptor acts as both an investigation and archival collection of imagery. These visual records are presented alongside transcribed interviews, with each dialogue highlighting an individual or group working on the periphery to carve out new spaces and explore new musical and artistic ground.

Disruptor Issue Five features new interviews with Los Angeles band Behavior and engineer Mike Kriebel, as well as Suzy Vogenthaler of the Chicago Musical Development Collective. The texts and images in this publication were captured between February and April 2018.

Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
Binding Staple bound
Pages 36
Edition 150 copies
Printing Risograph